Nordisk Tivolipark's founder Hans Ohlsen started as a rivet boy in Svendborg Shipyard, and during his summer holidays he worked as an assistant in a shooting gallery. He liked the amusement park life, and more than 40 years ago he started out as an independant businessman with Nordisk Tivolipark, which was in his own words one of the minor amusement parks in the island of Funen. During a few years his amusement park grew up to be the largest in Denmark; a position that it still holds.

I 1974 Hans Ohlsen married Gurli, who was internationally known as one of the world’s few female motorcycle artists.

But she quitted that job the same year when the daugther Henriette was born. In the mid-1960ies Nordisk Tivolipark for the first time visited Hjallerup Marked with a part of the park, which was already then run in several sections, and during the following years Hans Ohlsen built up Denmark’s largest amusement fair Hjallerup Marked.

After the first year’s success at Hjallerup Marked it was agreed with the market’s organizers to make a contract. This event took place in merry company in the local inn. None of the participants had a piece of paper, so the contract was written down on the back side of a plate. This was a good story for the press, and it could be read in the newspapers all over Denmark.

Today Hjallerup Marked is still one of Nordisk Tivolipark’s most important placesm and the family is closely connected with Hjallerup: Hans og Gurli got married there, the daughters Henriette and Maria are christened and had their conformation there. Henriette’s children (next generation) are also christened there, and Henriette and Lars got married there, so it’s a natural thing that the family is happy to visit Hjallerup.

Nordisk Tivolipark has through the years always been able to present new, large amusement rides, and furthermore Hans Ohlsen was known for presenting famous artists at the fairs. In 1975 Hans Ohlsen made a million-kroner contract with the impresario company John Madsen, and today Nordisk Tivolipark still cooperates with this company which has top names as e.g. Aqua.
In 1991 Hans Ohlsen’s wife Gurli died. Their daughter Henriette, then 17 years old, took over all Gurli's functiones in the business of running Nordisk Tivolipark, with help from her little sister Maria.
3 years after, in 1994, Hans Ohlsen died, and Henriette took over the business as the youngest amusement park owner in Denmark. She had a good help from her boy friend Lars, who she married in Hjallerup in 1995. The next generation are the children Hans and Jacqueline, who are already amusement park - entusiasts.
Since Henriette and Lars took over Nordisk Tivolipark they have invested more than 30 million kroner in new amusement rides and renewal of the stock. Today, Nordisk Tivolipark is one of Europe’s largest privately owned amusement parks, a modern business with more than 50 employees.
Gurli Ohlsen on parade in front of the drome
Many famous artists have performed in Nordisk Tivolipark through the years. Here are Gustav Winckler and Bjørn Tidmann together with Hans Ohlsen.