Velkommen til Nordisk Tivolipark

Tradition, quality and reneval are the key words for Nordisk Tivolipark. Through generations the amusement park has been a regular visitor to many of Denmark’s markets and fairs, and anyone who has visited the famous Hjallerup Marked has probably admired the exciting and interesting amusement rides and the colourful stalls, which Nordisk Tivolipark always has shown. Nordisk Tivolipark which is run by  Henriette Ohlsen and her husband Lars Winther has through the last years been going through a  radical renewal and modernization, so Nordisk Tivolipark is today one of the largest and most modern amusement parks in the trade.
Nordisk Tivolipark has arrangements both in Denmark and abroard, all year.  Many of our major rides can be seen at large international arrangements e.g. in  France, England, Ireland and Scandinavia. We have partners all over Europe and can supply you with any kind of amusement.

Our large stock of amusement rides and stalls allows us to deal with several arrangements at the same time. We travel in 3 divisions and we have more than 75 arrangements this year. The arrangements can always be accommodated to our costumer’s needs and to local conditions.

Every year Nordisk Tivolipark can proudly present new rides to our visitors – ‘Higher, faster, wilder’. Our home page will be updated regularly so you can see all about our new rides.

Do you have plans for an arrangement, or does your fair need renewal, then don’t hesitate to contact  Nordisk Tivolipark for an offer. We can deliver a solution for you – and remember our motto: ‘Nothing is too big, and nothing is too small’.

In the following pages you can read more about Nordisk Tivolipark.

Welcome – and have a nice time!

Henriette Ohlsen & Lars Winther


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